9 Months…

No, not talking about pregnancy… Nothing like that around here. It has been over nine months since I actually last posted here. I have all the best intentions, but if I am writing, it has tended not to be blog entries, but I should change that. A lot has happened in the past nine months, including the first birthday of little Pixie Pie (pie number 2).

Thoughts that I have about entries, that I will get to;

– Hot Undies Run – and exercising in general

– The family evolution

– Writing… I wrote a book… but it is not close to publishable.

– Random bloggy stuff

Let’s just hope it does not take 9 months for me to get to any of that.

Photo Albums…

So there is an issue with some of them, or actually all of them. I have changed the security settings so I will need to go back and update them all with the updated link.

Actually, I am thinking of being lazy (go figure)… I am going to add a list of all the albums here and previous entries will just have a dead link. Sorry y’all… I am too lazy these days…

Wedding – Scrapbook
Mexico City – December 2007
Honeymoon – Ireland 2008
Pickle Pie – Year 1 – Part 1
Pickle Pie – Year 1 – Part 2
The Day After Ike
WOOOOO… The floor is moving…
Malaysia – Feb/March 2009
Weekend trip to Austin
Pickle Pie – Year 2 – Part 1
Pickle Pie – Year 2 – Part 2
Pickle Pie – Year 2 – Part 3
Pickle Pie – Year 2 – Part 4
Pickle Pie – Year 2 – Part 5
Pickle Pie – Year 2 – Part 6
Pickle Pie's 2nd Birthday
Colorado – August 2010
Pickle Pie – Year 2 – Part 7
Official Album V2
Pickle Pie – Year 2 – Part 8

Data Cleansing…

If you have linked to any posts, or photos here, you will want to update them. Same for any updates on the Picasa albums as I have gone through to take out our name from any of the posts. This is more for the little one (aka Pickle Pie) than us parental units (Mum Mum & Dadawa).

I have been quiet here, and it may stay that way for a little while, although I will try to post when I can. Things are just very hectic at the moment and it is leaving me with little time and no energy to post.


Ok so I admit that I have been crap, but life has been busy…

  • Christmas… say no more
  • Work load feels like it has tripled lately… for all the right reasons but still
  • My grandfather passed away in January and a trip to Belfast for an Irish wake with my dad and brother ensued
  • Traveling for work… tiring… especially day trips that leave me sick
  • Pickle Pie has had a cold. Cute and sad, but results in lost sleep
  • Mum Mum had foot surgery (right foot done… left next) so I have been the legs of the house to chase Pickle Pie down… although my mum has been great in helping out

That being said, new blog. Old links to photos will not work, so I short circuit than fixing them all so there.

Old RSS feed may not work either so you may need to resubscribe (in fact I can pretty much guarantee it won’t work!)

RSS Working again…

For all our loyal, dedicated fans that follow the blog through RSS feeds, no we had not dropped off the face of the planet… just our RSS feed had. Special characters in the Eragon post caused the feed to break. So that last book caused me anguish on the book itself, caused links on my last post to be broken, and then it caused the RSS feed to break… Sigh… is that for me giving it a low rating?