Pickle Pie Celebrates Turning Three…

From Pickle Pie – 3rd Birthday Party


Wow… three years… Yes, second post on her birthday, and there could have been many more. We helped celebrate her third birthday with family and friends over the weekend. Hiring out the party room at Star Pizza and providing nothing more than some pizza, some drums, some free space, and a little time… and kids are happy, and parents get a little space to relax (at least I hope they did!).

From Geehan Family – 2011

As an additional benefit, we also celebrated the birthday of Pickle Pie’s Kuku and her Dadawa (Daaadddiee Waddie). Everyone had a good time, including our new little Monkey.

From Pickle Pie – 3rd Birthday Party
Pickle Pie – 3rd Birthday Party

UPDATE – Fixed issues with the photos after I changed the permissions on the gallery…

Photo Albums…

So there is an issue with some of them, or actually all of them. I have changed the security settings so I will need to go back and update them all with the updated link.

Actually, I am thinking of being lazy (go figure)… I am going to add a list of all the albums here and previous entries will just have a dead link. Sorry y’all… I am too lazy these days…

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Mexico City – December 2007
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Three Years!

Yikes. Three years. Wow.

The past three years have had their ups and down. Our family has grown, and is continuing to grow. I have been in the same position work wise, but that is changing… which is the topic of a future post. Mum mum is no longer working outside of the house, but is busier than ever. Pickle Pie is here and growing, and looking forward to Baby Sister. Pixie Pie is stretching and making Mum mums inside squished.

And yes, I am a day late with this post, but I was busy last night taking Mum mum to dinner and then working (sigh). but anyhoo… Happy (belated) Anniversary babe!

Nesting = chaos

Pixie pie is moving around in my belly, and all kinds of objects are getting moved around in the house. Lots of stuff is even >gasp< LEAVING. We have meant to get the house in proper order, one room at a time, for, umm, 17 or so years -- nothing fully decorated, just ordered and functional enough that we feel good about it -- but I have never had the spaces assigned to months before. Now that I do, it all seems possible. We shall see. Please send any extra luck and energy my way. And stop by so I can try to give you stuff!