I believe it’s my mom’s good coffee and not shock keeping me awake to post this… But our front door was busted in yesterday evening, and (as far as we can tell) a bunch of electronics and some jewelry were stolen. None of us were home at the time…a blessing, most probably, so we are all fine. Scratch that; the cat will probably require hour-long tummy rubs and all-you-can-snarf tuna for seven weeks at least.

I do wonder what the thieves made of my beautiful hand-dyed mama cloth, a dozen new pairs of panties, and my cloth nursing pads laid out to dry all over our top floor landing area.

Right now, the front door is only secured by Dadawa’s having piled a bunch of crap behind it, but I don’t (yet?) feel vulnerable, violated, or victimized, though we are and we have been.
I’m just not one who has ever gone around believing that I am safe or that I am entitled to feel safe. Most of the time, I just figure that my life and my stuff aren’t worth a criminal’s trouble. I definitely never think “X will never happen to me.” I tend to think, “X is unlikely to happen to me, but if it did …” and then I go through too many hypotheticals. You might be surprised if you knew that I have gotten mentally prepared for an undetermined but really large number of crazy stuff. Or if you know me, you might be shaking or nodding your head going, “Umm, yeah, that’s not a surprise at all.”

Fortunately, it really is just all replaceable stuff, as far as we can tell. I am concerned about identity theft, because they got computers and laptops, but all the wraps, slings, and other babycarriers are accounted for. 😉

They left my wallet, our biggest TV, and the DVR (won’t miss the Runway finale!!), the server, all our backup drives, the AppleTV, and all our wifi hardware. They did snag a lot of easy-to-fence gear and didn’t really trash the place, so I figure the entire thing was simply… well, a fundraising effort.

Dudes, next time, could you just ask me to write a dang check? No? Well, fuck. I mean shucks. Fine. Don’t come back now, ya’hear?

Oh Rats!

So on Friday night we ordered sushi from Azuma and took it over to the grandparents (Geehan side) for dinner. After much catching up following first day at day care for Pickle Pie we headed to the park to catch up with Shawn from Capoeira and to watch part of a community show. We caught up, then watched 1 minute or so of the show before heading home… only to find out that the AC on ground and middle floor was out. Luckily it was cooling down and we headed up to bed.

Saturday was spent either on the phone trying to raise someone who could help or running to the airport to drop Lourdes and Joe off. By 5:30 I gave up on calling people but managed to schedule John Moore to come have a look in the morning. Turns out that the fuse in the furnace had blown, and the reason it had blown was that rats were eating the insulation where it went into the house from the outside… and they were potentially climbing into the framing of the house (which explains the scrabling I have heard in the past). Sigh. $260 odd dollars later the AC was rewired and the entry to the house was taped up. Now I have to figure out a longer term solution to insulation eating varmin. Sigh.

Good news is that Pickle Pie has been sleeping well at night, resulting in more awake and capable parents during the day. Day 2 of day care is now underway and apart from a fussy stint, seems to be going well.

More photos to appear online soon, just have to process them from the camera.

No golf this past weekend, but hopefully some next!

back on the grid

Bissy has power. And internet. Gas never stopped working. Tap water is safe. Ahhhhh.

And Verizon is a wonderful cellphone company to be with. One month’s free service for those Ike hit “to thank our customers and show them we care even if we can’t physically be there.”

Hurricane Ike…

Came inland just East of Galveston Bay, south of Houston on Friday night. We started to get the wind in the afternoon and it got steadily got worse over night. We finally lost power at a little after 4am.

Our area had minor damage, none serious structural damage, and no broken windows in our house or any in the complex that we know of.

Anne is out of town, but her house has power and she was kind enough to let us stay here tonight… Pickle Pie was getting fussy.

Updates and photos when I can get power at home.

Damn mutant breeders

The exterminators came out today, represented by a contrite, white-haired man with a be-casted broken ankle using a walker (because of his build and age, perhaps crutches were not an option), who has had a recent spate of rough-ish luck (wife needed heart surgery, but the operation went well, and she is out of the ICU as of a day ago).

I brought him down some of the critters I’d “saved” on our bathroom floor to keep him from having to hike upstairs. After much examination, he wasn’t sure if we had ourselves termites or ants, because although he thought the bodies were termite-like, the wings were far too short. I offered to fetch him some more samples on tape and paper, and he accepted. When I came back downstairs, he had decided.

What I thought were “swarmers” are actually “breeder” Pharoah ants. The good news is that this type of ant is easy to control, and the breeders of the species don’t bite. The bad news is that they are breeders. (They are SO into breeding that they don’t even care about food or water.)

He will come back to spray the side of our home they probably entered on, and he left behind a spray and some traps that he said work really well. Blobby-daddy will be arriving home a few hours earlier than expected, so he will take care of that.

I will go clean up the danged mess I made when I berzerked on the bugs. Camila will be very pleased.

Because ‘swarmers’ sounds so much better

EWWWWbles. Last night, I found a whole scad of winged grossibles in the master bathroom. Apparently, when we have heavy rain, these subset of the termite population seek dry shelter. I’m supposed to be reassured that these aren’t the termites that actually eat wood. Regardless, they do crawl around and give me the willies.

Cammie won’t eat them, even if they are juicy and, despite their wings, prefer to run around on the ground. Silly cat.

The management company for our townhomes called the exterminators 12 days ago (internets say the presence of these “swarmers” indicates a colony of actual damage-causing termites are trying to breach the perimeter somewhere), but no word. So I called them this morning and said we have them again.


Telecomm Nightmares

I had thought all this was behind us, but nope… more complications this week.

Background: We have(had) AT&T for the home line but we only wanted local service… but they have been charging us for long distance for months (we should have been paying closer attention to the bills). I also have AT&T for my home office line. I had a complete nightmare trying to get my line moved over from my parents place when we first moved in. It actually took over a month for AT&T to get it moved properly and another month for me to fight the charges they were trying to impose on me cause they were idiots… see below for recap of previous posts…

Update: We decided to move to Comcast digital phone service as it would give us an overall break on costs since cable, internet and home phone would be under single bill. The install was scheduled for 5-8pm on Monday. Guy arrived around 5:30 and left a little before 8pm. Complications? You bet! Having two lines wired into a single jack threw him for a loop and that took ages to figure out. Finally he got it working so but I lost the ability to pick up both phone lines on my office phone and the doorbell, which runs through the home line, no longer works. No huge deal on either one. I saw that the digital phone box thing could deal with two lines and I tried to schedule to get my office line on same box (saving HP money) but the work order had not been closed so could not do that… yet. When we were sitting down to relax a little before I went to class last night we started to see that channels we had no longer worked. I called them and the guy I dealt with was an idiot. He managed to completely turn off all our cable boxes for over twenty minutes. It took me calling back and getting someone else to help, and finally we had everything working again.

WHY oh why can these things just not be easy for once????

Operation Salamander Rescue

I get home from my trip to Tallahassee for work last night. The cab drops me off outside just before 9pm, and as soon as I get out of the cab with my bags, the first thing I see is Sherri and Julia (you may remember Julia as one of our flowergirls at the wedding… if you made it to the wedding that is!). Sherri shouts out ‘Wooo our Mr Dadawa is home!’ It was very nice to be greeted home that way.

Anyway, Mum Mum had been working out with them and had just gone home, but instead of using the gate into the patio area, she had taken the long way. Reason? Well, it seems that a small salamander had been climbing the gate the other day and somehow his two left feet had been squashed in the gate. And I mean completely crushed. Poor guy (or girl… not sure) had been there for two days but was still alive and alert. Mum Mum had not wanted to go near him as all three of the girls were very upset about it, and could not bring themselves to do anything. Mum Mum said ‘If you cut him off he will bleed out’ but I still was dispatched to do something.

That something ended up being a delicate surgical operation using my leatherman to scrape his crushed appendages off the gate without killing the poor fellow. He (or she) was a little live wire after one had been freed, but with the use of an old boarding pass I managed to pry him/her off and I put him/her (would be easier to use It I guess, oh well) under the bushes inside our patio area. Good news is that he/she/it was able to hobble away, so I hope it does ok!

Ok, you may wonder what the photo has to do with that story. Well to be honest… nothing. I just heard the fire trucks approach earlier (turns out there were 6 or 7 of them) and I went up to take a photo. Turns out the Antiques place at the corner is on fire… Looks like an electrical fire!