A Giant has passed…

The gentle bear, Pickle Pie’s Paladin, and protector of Crooms has passed. A better dog than a lot of men I know, a true and loyal friend, and a sweet hearted soul Kio has moved on to bright planes.

It was not unexpected. The poor boy was diagnosed with bone cancer several months ago, but fought valiantly all along, until his breathing started to become labored late last week, and today the time was right. I am glad I got to know Kio, to have taken care of him while my parents were out of town, to run with him through Memorial park, to keep him from attacking the local raccoon and squirrel population of the park, and to simply hang out with him.

Although I was forced to head to the airport before Ivy, our vet arrived, he went smoothly, having said his goodbyes to family, feline and human alike. Pickle Pie was present and was calm throughout. After he made his passage out of this plane, Pickle Pie let out a huge laugh, which to me signifies many things, not the least that he is happy with the decision, that he was ready for it, and I truly believe he will always keep an eye out for my little girl, even when I am not always able to.

Today has been a very emotional day for the whole family, so understand if we don’t reply to calls or emails quickly, but losing, for me, a younger brother is not an easy thing. Having lived with animals basically all my life, except for when I was in London, it never gets easier.

He will be fondly remembered by all, and the squirrels will rest more peacefully tonight, although they may be the only ones who do.

I wish I could be at home with my family tonight, but instead I am in a hotel outside of DC, getting ready to kick-off my third project in as many weeks, so must console myself with a beer, and this not so brief post.

Anyway, the focus here is not me, but my dear friend who I will see no more, at least while I am awake. Goodnight Kio. Sleep tight my friend. You deserve the rest.


Was a busy one, with us going to Raka’s Mundan on Saturday afternoon, and then to Carol’s open house at the studio (where she sold 3 paintings while we were there!)

Sunday I went to golf at Memorial where the course kicked my ass… big time! First par was on the 16th hole, and I think I hit the fairway a total of 2 or 3 times in the whole round. Sigh. Back to the range when I can get a chance.

While I was golfing Mum Mum and Pickle Pie went shopping with the maternal grandparents, then we all had dinner at Crooms Cafe. Back home, put the little one to bed and then crashing, getting up early Monday for my 7am call (which was postponed… but no one thought to tell me, sigh).

One funny story from early last week. Both Mum Mum and I have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night thinking that Pickle Pie just fell out of bed. It is generally nothing, and the rest of the time it is Cammie moving around. Well, the other night I felt, what I thought was Pickle Pie, slipping off the side of the bed. I dove to catch her, only to actually wake up and realize it was Wazzles, who needless to say was not happy with me jumping at her while she was moving about. Sigh… It would not be so bad if it didn’t happen at least once maybe twice a week… even when Pickle Pie is sleeping in her crib in the other room. Sigh.

I be cute too…

Although Cammie tends to play the “If I ignore it, maybe IT will go away” card, she has taken Pickle Pie in stride and has not been too put off. At times I have understood what it must be like to have twins as after Pickle Pie has cried then been fed and put down to sleep Cammie starts to scream for attention herself… can lead to a long night, but still I would not change a thing!

Late night work…

Last night was fairly productive for me. We went over to Neybors house to help resolve some technical issues and for Mum Mum to be fed. Sherri then tried to help me install the car seat but somehow Mum Mum, with her mac and cheese, jumped into the car while we were looking at the instruction manual and installed the damned thing herself. Sigh.

I then went off to restock booze supplies then went to the court house to try and reschedule my court date (for speeding ticket and failure to show insurance ticket). I actually was lucky and got in to see a judge very quickly and got the insurance one dismissed and the speeding ticket reset for 90 days, to allow me to take defensive driving… which will take that one off my record. From there I headed over to my parents place to check that the mattress we have for the craddle fits… which it does. Off to Kroger for some late night grocery shopping. Back home to try and pack up the hospital bags for Mum Mum and for me. While all this errand running was going on Mum Mum was working… which she did most of last night, and Cammie was helping her organize her papers, was acting as a drill sargent, trying to get her inline and trying to get her to bed, and also acted as an alarm clock when needed. All this was very stressful on the poor cat as you can see below, and she has disappeared off to bed this morning and I doubt I will see her all day!

Another weekend another shower…

Second of three baby showers was held in Beaumont on Saturday night. Hosted by Regina Rogers. We drove down with my mum as well as Randy and Leah (neighbours of my parents) on Saturday late afternoon, stayed until about 10pm then drove home… getting stuck in traffic on the way back because the highway was closed due to a serious accident.

Prior to the shower we (Mum Mum and I) had dinner at Raven Grill on Friday, one of our local favourite places for a quiet meal. Oh, I did also get my hair cut on Friday afternoon, but no worries, I only had an inch or two removed from the back, and an overall cleanup on my hair.

Sunday Mum Mum went out for a girl’s lunch while I napped at home and worked on, some of the photos from the baby shower, which are now online…

Baby Shower at Easys

Throughout this Cammie has been stuggling through, feeling the weight of the world on her back! If any one has read any Discworld books, you will understand that the Discworld world is ultimately perched on the back of a giant turtle, but what you may not have known is that that turtle is perched on the back of Wabbles! Such a heavy load!

More Wazzle Photos…

…with different flash types!

Cats must be like Asians… they don’t take good photos with direct flashes… indirect seem to work fine… Oh and she talked throughout the whole process… directing me, telling me how to take the photo, making sure I got her good side, etc!

Long weekend…

So here in the US o A we had a long weekend. First one in what feels like months (but probably not that long). I had the day off but Mum Mum was working to bank the day for maternity leave. I dropped Mum Mum at work then headed out to play golf at Hermann Park. Started with a par, then hit a bogey on the next 7 holes (sigh). I did finish the front with a par. 10th hole was double par (which is not good) but then hit par on the next three holes before getting rained out after the 13th. I was completely drenched and learnt that the Capris I was wearing did not deal with the wet well… unless you like the see through look!

After cleaning and drying up I relaxed at home until it was time to pick Mum Mum up, after which we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I really enjoyed the movie. Plenty of fun action sequences and lots of laughs. Not as good as Raiders or Last Crusade, but a solid movie in its own right. We then watched Bride and Prejudice on DVD. Another fun light movie.

Saturday we hosted the parents and some friends for lunch which was cooked by Mum Mum’s mum, and we looked through a bunch of photos of Mum Mum and Sherwin as kids. I went to play poker on Saturday night while Mum Mum worked and relaxed at home (no I did not win) and Sunday we went to parents for dinner. More relaxing weekend that some recently… and some coming up I imagine, but still feeling tired this morning. Sigh… why must Monday’s be sooo painful to wake up to?

Good news is that I just received the new camera I bought (after spiderwebbing the lense on my old Sony). Got the Nikon D60 with two lenses, a carrying case, extra battery and a Speedlight flash (for indirect/soft flash). Not played with it much (but have some) and here are two of the first photos… one taken with a direct flash, and one with an indirect flash (flash pointing at 90 degrees to target). Nothing else was changed apart from angle of the flash… Oh… if only our photographer at the wedding had such complex technology as a soft flash… maybe most of the photos would not have come out as over exposed!

Direct Flash

In-Direct Flash

Aminal Photos…

Dominated by the one and only Wazzwa!!!

Mind Control Part Deux

Who be the pretty cat in the window… oh, it is Moi!

First that idiot (Dadawa) steps on my toy,
now he locks it in a glass case…
hmmm… very X-Men… could this be Magneto in there?

Mandatory flump quota for the day achieved

It ain’t cute woman… I am NOT a salad!!