Possibly the last of the words posts for Pickles

Coh-doh-wow (Colorado). Ran-chont, now ran-schrant (restaurant). Fidge-e-yah, now fridgerrraer (refrigerator). Skooffie, now skoome (excuse me). Gawaaj (garage). Pain cakes (pancakes). Vail-bol (available). Dotter (doctor). Gaggon (wagon). Uh-cuz or oh-course (because). Ssings (things). Tuff (stuff). Wunning (running). Wun wun wun (run!). Hooman Park (Hermann Park). Heomet (helmet). Try-see-koe (tricycle). Gwiveway (driveway). Garnen (garden). Gwop (drop, sas in drop you-off). Foe-toe-gwaffe (photograph). Ah-gange (orange). Liebahwy (library). Kwuck (truck). Pwash (splash). Kahner (corner). Tainer (container). Samwedge (sandwich). Cap-supp (ketchup). Vid-YO or vid-oh (video). Ae-bow (able). Ooze (use). Kwahma (camera). Cock (chalk). Hossapoe (hospital). Hoe-toe (hotel). Dullahship or dellaship (dealership). Ordanized (organized). Bormonn or Bowment (Beaumont).

I know there’s more, but ah well.

“Skooffie, Dahddie, Iwant waddah peese.” “Eyewannameent!” “Mee nee VAN!” “Mum, I sad, oh-course I want sommmilk.” “Mum, I want sommmoke uh-cuz I TIEuhd.” “Ohhhh, I see.” “You have two options.” “No, I do it!”

She often corrects her own flubbed words. She repeats “tuh” and “ss” sounds after speaking words that end with them. She uses “because” to connect cause and effect, but the order of the events is sometimes reversed. She also ends phrases with “okayyy?”

Some of her animal and human dolls’ names are Carol (Kah-woe), Alex, Isidora (Izzy-dore-ah), Gog, and the giraffe rolly bag is Leah-Dot-Com.

She talks about her in-laws and has a GPS. HEB is no longer ABC store.

She’s just talking so much that it’s more her inflection and the timbre of her voice than the individual pronunciations that we love.